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JanpUpp was born from the union of five musicians coming from different experiences, who meet in the sound proposed by the JanpUpp, sound that ranges from reggae to folk, from rock to funk, in a contour of the electronic, mixing everything in the music of the band.

To all this we add the strong desire to retrace the years of real”, where reigned the “real music”, to escape from the usual canons of the format music, thinking of all the old-fashioned way, as when enough, a song recorded on a cassette tape to stay well.

The first single of the JanpUpp is titled “SENZA TRAMA” is a mish-mash of genres that intersect and intertwine in a rhythm fascinating and involving.

Almost all of the members of the band coming from Puglia (South-East Italy), even if they live in different cities and contexts, almost all live in northern Italy.

- Gianpaolo Guerrieri - lead singer - : the former lead singer of the florentin's band called Magnapasta, has all assets of a number of live and in the studio collaborations with various artists such as Eugenio Bennato; Loop Side; Desert 1; Dab Eznerif; Michelangelo Buonarroti; Gaudi; Quintorigo; Max Gazzè, etc.). Has a voice particularly scathing, incisive, and very "sturdy", a particular item that you leave to listen to and not forget.

- Sergio Nachira - bass; voice - : he has many artistics collaborations. Playing since 1969 and has played with various bands (TBSS*; Tempu's; Grado; Nuda!) and with artists of different cultures and roots sound (S-Tone Inc.; Alex Britti; Paul Roland; Skastori; Cristina Plevani; Sabrina Salerno; etc.). Multi-instrumentalist and arranger, he started writing songs since he was young, creating JanpUpp's band with Gianpaolo Guerrieri and Lorenzo Gorgoni.

- Lorenzo Gorgoni - guitar - : he is the youngest of all. with a considerable background. He starts playing very soon with "Telling Secrets", then he discovers the blues, which turns out to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration, along with reggae and jazz, and all this leads him to the "Chromatic Tuners". He also collaborates with the "Out-of-Body".

- Gianluigi Cesari - keyboards, synth : at the age of thirteen he falls in love with the Hammond, an instrument played by Gregg Rolie in Santana Band and by Brian Auger of the Oblivion Express. He began his career live with the Salento group "40 ° Parallelo", formed by former members of the group "I Monelli", a band that introduced Adriano Pappalardo, then played with the Salento prog group "Tempu's", with "TBSS * "and with the" Nuda! ", rock band from milan.

- Riccardo Brizzi - percussion - : his career starts in Magnapasta Band and his way of playing influences the sound of the band. He has several live collaborations with different artists (Gaudì; Michelangelo Buonarroti; Loop Side; Desert 1; Dab Eznerif; Scaramouche; Eugenio Bennato; Quintorigo; Max Gazzè; etc.).

- Raffaele Marseglia - drums - : he starts playing at fifteen and has many years of playing. He has several collaborations with many groups. He plays with Riccardo Fogli, Paola Turci, Pupo, Ivan Cattaneo, etc. In 2006 he took part in the "Magnapasta" tour, a prog-rock-folk band from the Florentine area. He collaborates with the "Ufip" of Pistoia and is a consultant for artists such as: Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones), Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel) ... and many others.




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